Thursday 22 March 2012

Mellow Yellow

Once a month I host a class at a local (ish) museum, and it was arranged by the assistant curator, Sally.  Sally has just gone on maternity leave, and the group decided we would make some yellow and white blocks to create a quilt for the baby.

I got photos of a few under construction last Friday

(it is coincidence that these are both foundation pieced flying geese)

And the first finished block arrived in the post yesterday - it's lovely Deborah, I'm so glad you felt you could part with it!


  1. I love the block. (By the way bloger is now working properly and you are back with me). xx

  2. I've awarded you the Liebster Award : )

  3. I love the tumbling blocks, fab colours

  4. Yay, love the Escher-esque-ness of it


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