Friday 14 September 2012

Busy Bee

I managed to do some sewing today, yippee.  I wanted to work on the Out of Africa Bee blocks for Jen's month.  She has asked for animals to make a book for her children (2, 4 and 6 I think).  To make the bocks relevant to me, I have based them on animals we have had.  

This is Twiglet, a Vanilla Tipped African Pygmy hedgehog

And here is a machine embroidery version of him

 And this is Blue Boy my budgie

. . . with a green version of him as I had no suitable blue fabric, so maybe this should be called Green Girl

And there will be a block to depict Boris the skink,

but I cant find the stuff I need, so he will be created next weekend after my lovely friend Jacqui has lend me some "stuff"


  1. Your blocks look great and I love your photo of Twiglet. She is so beautiful!

  2. You certainly have an interesting collection of pets lol

  3. Hi Benta! Your animal blocks are beautiful! How nice to meet your friends too! I have missed you - many days didn't have a moment to even open the computer.
    Happy weekend! x Teje

  4. Fame at last for Twiglet, Blue Boy and Boris xxx


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