Wednesday 5 September 2012

I-Spy Delaying Tactics

When I got back from my holiday I switched on my computer to check my emails- not the 'sewing' one that you use, dear reader, but my 'every day' one - the one that everyone else uses, including of course those people offering me jobs; degrees; an extension to a body part I don't have; a gazillion dollars to launder some money for them, etc.

Well I looked at the total number of unread messages, (not much change from 3000!) and simply closed the email programme, I was not in the mood to even see if there is anything important there!

Today I didn't even open the emails, instead I opened Audible and went back to cutting squares from picture fabrics listening to The Help (Yes, Miss Jennifer, I am certainly thinking in a Southern accent, and I am loving this book!).

However I have come to the realisation that is a delaying tactic - this revaluation came to me when I counted up and realised that in the last two evenings I have cut enough blocks to make fourteen 26 block quilt tops, in addition to a fair number of 8x4 inch blocks for the brick hand sewing top, and a good number of 5" blocks to add to the Japanese charm squares when they come.

Time to stop procrastinating, and check those emails,


Well, maybe tomorrow?


  1. LOL! Aren't there some triangles you could cut!

  2. You my have won a lottery you never even entered, how can you resist checking!?

  3. You have got your priorities right. Sounds as if most of the e-mails can just be deleted! So carry on enjoying your fabrics. xxx

  4. Ready, steady, go!

    PS, sort by sender, it's quicker to weed out the crap from your friends!

  5. I think I would be so overwhelmed by all that mail. Happy stitching!

  6. Start sorting think how good you will feel when it is done.

  7. I know what you mean. I am just starting a new quilt, and while it is pretty, the blocks are so monotonous that I am not enjoying it and keep going off to do something else! : )

  8. It looks like you have some very exciting fabrics there. I think Katie's idea to sort emails by sender is great. I didn't know it was possible.


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