Tuesday 18 September 2012

Half Day Happiness

I love half days - the kind where I get away from work actually on time, come home to a cuppa with Niki (who was on her way to first tutor a couple of children, and then go to work at the bowling alley until midnight) and then sew :-)

I nearly finished two draw string bags for a friend's twins (the older set of twins had similar bags about 5 years ago!)  Just need to get into town to get some cord

I stuffed and finished Lucia's taggie "L" - thanks for the tip Plum, I put the bell into a plastic bag before I put it into the L

And I stitched and stitched and stitched that pile of 2.5 inch strips into a quilt top about 58" x 42" (150 x 110cm)

The are at least 50% I-Spy fabrics, so they make a really busy quilt top, but I am loving these scrappy Jelly Rolls.

Of course none of these were even on the UFO list, so that hasn't improved at all, but I've had a lovely time!!!


  1. Wow! you are one busy gal! Great work Benta.

  2. What a productive half day you had! Well done, dont worry about the UFO list(said she who is happily ignoring hers!), in favour of a baby quilt!!

  3. Glad I was a help! All your projects look great!

  4. Lol, well as long as you had fun, that's the main thing ;o)

  5. Looks like you got a lot accomplished. That strip quilt looks AMAZING!! I love the scrappy beauty of it. Great job! : )

  6. Love it - particularly the quilt made up of 'jelly rolls'. So bright and colourful. xxx

  7. love the quilt made from 2 1/2 " strips, still working on mine.


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