Thursday 27 September 2012

Crafty Pressies

I am very aware there has been an appalling lack of sewing, but I do have a whole range of excuses involving additional hours at work (lots) hours at the gym (far fewer) several days of celebrating my birthday, and now packing for a girly weekend away. It's a tough life!!!

 However, my friends are helping me cope. Just look at this yummy fabric Jackie sent me (Warm Memories charm pack). Not only is it gorgeous, but it goes perfectly with the top charm squares that were left from another pack, all yummy warm colours - I can't wait to start!

Jackie also sent me these two for my kitchen, one shows how well she knows me, and the other how much she loves me, love you J x x

I also got a fab package from Plum [link to follow when work out how to link on the iPad!) at Plum Quilts. She and I are virtual twins, so hers is one of the few birthdays I manage to remember. She sent this awesome fabric (I L.O.V.E. text fabrics) some pearle quilting threads, and this fab little covered notebook, even with colouring pencils, perfect for recording quilty inspirations Next weekend Jackie will be over, and will be meeting my mum on Saturday, and hopefully Plum on Sunday at the Richmond and Kew quilt show!

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  1. So much to do, so little sewing time ;o0

  2. Cant wait for next weekend :-)

  3. Sad I missed your birthday- however Happy Belated Birthday. x


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