Friday 7 October 2016

The one where Chertsey ladies made zippy pouches

I had a break from the 9-5 today and made my way to Chertsey museum - first we had a bit of show and tell - just look at this smocking! (Well done Anne)

And Kay's oven gloves:

Then we had a go at making zippy pouches.  We had some great results and they will be finishing these for homework! 

This evening I spent (ok wasted) a bit of time on Facebook and found a lovely message from a May bride this year:

I know we all know people who don't appreciate made gifts - but clearly some do and that makes it all worth while!


  1. what a lovely surprise to have your quilt posted on facebook I am sure it will be greatly admired Chertsey ladies have been productive as usual, the smocking is really beautiful

  2. Well done to the very creative museum ladies and isn't it wonderful when our creations are appreciated.

  3. Some fab bits there and the smocking is wonderful. So lovely to be acknowledged publicly too.


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