Sunday 9 October 2016

The one where I found a craft I haven't shown you

I'm planning the Fun With Fabric crafts for Chertsey Museum for next year, and had planed to link to blog pages where possible -that only works if I have blogged about the planned craft!!!

Last winter I lusted after a Blanket Cape, but really couldn't justify the cost, so I started an improvised version.

I took an Ikea fleece blanket and folded it in half length ways, and then cut away a section along half the fold.  I used a grey one, but didn't take a pic so I've borrowed this photo to show

Once a section half the length x 4 inches is cut away, you can wear it like a cape: the full half against your back and the split half becomes front right and front left

I'm now doing some running stitch with embroidery floss to give it a bit of detail, but as soon as it's cold enough to need to wear it I can call it finished!

Not bad for £3 eh?


  1. what a good idea think I am understanding the piece you cut away is for your head to go through? Feel it is time I had another visit to Ikea so lucky there is one not too far away just 2 buses each way

  2. Clever! I have one John brought back for me from Argentina, their version on a poncho. Lovely to wrap up in.

  3. I can vouch for how snugly the IKEA one is :-)

  4. This looks great and it's definitely getting colder now :)


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