Saturday 1 October 2016

The one where I got gifts and made a gift

We went out for a meal in the week, a lovely Indian meal in the village with the girls and their boyfriends. The boys both gave me a gift - really perfect gifts - from Harry on the right and from Jim on the left! (although I think the girls had more to do with it than the boys - can you imagine them giggling as they made the choices!)

The very lovely Fiona ( has just become a grandma - congratulations Fiona! I've made a pressie for the little lad, but I'd like it to go in the post next week. It isn't finished as I don't have the time at the moment, but I know she has the ability to finish it (and to a better standard than me!) and he will get it much quicker! All I can show you now is this bit

I posted a gift to another baby earlier this year, and got this pic a few days ago from her daddy

Love it!

If you are NOT Fiona you can scroll down to look at Cormac's pressie:

Not you Fiona


  1. happy birthday some lovely gifts and yes I am sure the girls had something to do with the fabric choice. Loving the quilt you have made for Fiona`s grandson, it wa so good to read on her blog she had becomea grandma and I know they will be delighted with the quilt I am sure she had a peep too!

  2. Perfect gifts for your birthday - you've brought up your daughters very well! And your baby presents are great. The picture of Annie is adorable :)

  3. Lovely pressies all round :-)

  4. I didn't look until I already had the quilt top in my hands, honest Benta! It is even nicer in real life too :)


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