Thursday 29 September 2016

The one where I remember a daughter can bake

Tomorrow is the Macmillan coffee morning. They were very good with my uncle Geoff when he had prostrate cancer some I'm always happy to support them.

The office is in a serviced building, and our lovely reception ladies are organising a coffee morning for all 20 companies. I'd donated a packet of biscuits and plan to buy *plenty* of cakes . . . But Niki came home with ingredients and told me we were making cheesecakes!

And we did - two large (one each for work tomorrow) and six little ones for pudding tonight! The fridge is full of cheesecakes!!!!


  1. Well done Niki, wish I was there to buy some :-)

  2. they look yummy enjoy the coffee morning and hope lots of money is raised the charities are struggling I know, the hospice my daughter is a nurse at is finding it very tough due to the government not funding as they used to

  3. *Sandra sneaks overseas and raids Benta's fridge ... stealing 4 mini and 1 large cheesecakes with abandon and NO GUILT*

    *whistles innocently* Oh hi there, Benta and Niki - how are you doing today? What's on my mouth? Oh - that's just ... ummm ... yeah - it's milk from my cereal - excuse me while I run to the ladies' room to fix that little BREAKFAST oopsie!*


  4. They look delicious - and for such a good cause. Win, win :)

  5. well done to your daughter ... hope the funds raised reflected her hard work x I attended my friends coffee (tea for me!!) afternoon xx she raised £300 x


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