Sunday 18 September 2016

The one where I knitted on a loom

Do you remember the french knitting gadgets we had as kids, or knitting Nancys?

I bought a 21st century version of it as a gadget for Kids' Crafty church . . . but thought I ought to learn how to drive it before I introduced it to the kids

Rather addictive!!!!  (especially for someone who cant knit!), it grows quite quickly

My monster family has grown too!

I'm now off to a baby shower - mum-to-be wants to decorate baby clothes with fabric pens, and wants guests to make a baby quilt; she doesn't know that I've made three already (they are adopting three sisters, age 1, 2 and 3) but I'm more than happy to help cut and sew another one this afternoon!


  1. Well done on the knitting and the monsters and the making a quilt :-)

  2. wow French knitting has moved on from the little wooden cotton reels, looks more complicated though! Monsters coming along well enjoy the baby quilt session that is a handful 3 little girls what wonderful news that the sisters are beng adopted together and not being split up

  3. I forget what we called those looms - I don't even remember if I had a storebought one, or if it was handmade (something tells me I may have gotten one for a Christmas gift, but I'm not sure), but I made a TON of clothes for my Barbie dolls - that would have been 45ish years ago - YIKES, lol! I have different size looms upstairs in my closet, purchased on Amazon when I've seen awesome crafts online, but I haven't tried them out. I keep meaning to do them as a winter project, when it's cold and when handling the yarn will be snuggly, but I haven't done it yet. I'd love to try something like a scarf with the larger loom :D


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