Sunday 25 September 2016

The one where we finished our mini trees

The husbands have moved on from the vacuum system, and are fixing shelves and hooks . . . And even finishing each other's sentences "this is bent, I think we need ... " " oh yes, I've got a [insert hardware implement] that'll fix that"


We finished cutting and cutting and sewing and sewing


And finally finished our mini tree tops


Next post - vinyl zippy pouches!



  1. HAHA the husbands comment sounds like my house when both boys come over to see us and talk shop with their dad - all 3 are electricians, so they too finish each others' sentences, LOL!

    Cute blocks - it looks a like a Christmas finish will be posted soon!

  2. Great team.The mini quilt looks so gorgeous!

  3. Oh they are super cute! Worth the effort then.

  4. good to see the men hard at workand your yrees look good, must be lovely to have a friend to stitch with can imagine the crack you have together


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