Monday 19 September 2016

The one where two dozen ladies did some sewing!

I went to the baby shower yesterday thinking I was going to one of lots of women sewing squares together, and we were going to play games and decorate babygros (onsies) and t-shirts for the girls . . .  but the stuff that had been ordered on line hadn't arrived in time: I was greeted with "thank goodness you are here - can you lead the quilt craft as it's the only activity we've got" . . . so with no warning I found myself going into teaching-a-bunch-of-non-sewers mode!  Luckily my teaching sewing stuff lives in the back of my car so I had everything I needed.

I rotary cut what felt like hundreds of 8" squares while ladies got the hang of threading needles, putting fabric right sides together, knotting, just stitching along one side - all the usual problems!

One lady even asked me if I did these classes often - she thought I was paid entertainer for the party!

Anyway, they all did well,

And when I left it was looking like this:  (It will probably end up long and narrow: just right for mum and dad and three to snuggle under watching TV or reading stories!

Mum to be was delighted with the three quilts for the girls

And this quilt was delivered (slightly late) to another house group mum and her little munchkin

Delivering them has made a bit of space at my house, at least until the baby shower squares come back to me next week!

Can't see that I'll get much sewing done at home for the next week or two: We're off to Ireland to see Jackie for a long weekend, so I may get some hand sewing done on the drive, but she's not up to much at the moment.

The job is going well, thanks to those who have asked.loads to learn but I'm asking less each day so something is obviously getting into this old brain on mine!


  1. Less of the old, there is nothing wrong with your brain.
    Well done on your unexpected sewing class xx

  2. I can see you as paid performer. New job idea if this new one goes south.

  3. how lucky you were there to save thr day and hopefully have made some of the ladies want to take up stitching.
    Sorry to read Jackie is feeling so poorly at the moment, your visit will surely lift her spirits

  4. Weren't they lucky to have you there Benta! I'll bet it was a fun introduction to patchwork :)

  5. I think charging yourself out for events would be a great idea :) And the three girls' quilts are beautiful :)

  6. Beautiful quilts, "teacher" Benta! I want to scoop up that little cutie munchkin and have a tea party with her :) I can tell from your recently published posts (I'm commenting in reverse order, hehe) that you're having (or had) a great time in Ireland - so nice that you got to sew too! When we were on vacation last month there was no sewing involved, boohooo :( There was lots of fabric shopping though, so that almost made up for it :D


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