Monday 5 September 2016

The one where Jackie got a crocheted gift

My oldest, Lisa, was taught to crochet by a lady at church. But like me she only got the hang of the actual stitches, not the starting. *Many* years ago she came to the knitting and stitching show with Jackie and I and bought bought some wool, and came home determined to learn to start the flower square that she's done ever since.

I have fond memories of the drive home : Lisa sat in the back with hook and wool and Jackie sat in the front giving instructions "put the hook through the loop, no, not that loop, the next one, no the other way..." It all meant nothing to me but Lisa somehow grasped it!

When she made the dragon last week we sent a picture to Jackie, but Lisa decided that Jackie needed physical proof of her now advanced skills. I couldn't post earlier as it was on its way to Ireland, but it arrived today:

Lisa made a boob!

And I think it was well received!


Thinking of you for tomorrow Jackie, love you xxxx



  1. Love you too and my new boob xx

  2. This is like the most perfect cancer gift ever.

  3. Aww bless! Have you seen the Knitted Knockers? Such a great idea.


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