Saturday 17 September 2016

The one where I thought I could sew

After two weeks full time work, learning a new job, AND being away for the weekend in between I got very excited at the prospect of turning the sewing machine on again.

However - by the time I'd cleared the mess dumped on every horizontal surface, I saw two big bags of uniforms that  a customer dropped off three weeks ago!  So I switched on the embroidering machine rather than the sewing machine!

I also had an email in the week asking if I could teach a family class one Saturday at the end of October, so I did cut some felt while babysitting the embroidery machine and I have done some hand sewing over a cuppa or two:  We are going to be Making Monsters!

I've got at least one more on the go too: its fun making samples!

The first lot of embroidery has now finished - six French Bulldogs!

Now to start on more Pumpkins:


  1. How's your new job? Have you identified the troublemakers yet?

  2. trust you are loving the new job even though it leeaves less time for your creativity

  3. I love the monsters and even if you weren't on the sewing machine you were being very creative

  4. Those are very fierce looking French bulldogs Benta! Hope the new job is going well

  5. HAHA cute monsters, and cute bulldogs :D


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