Monday 26 September 2016

The one where I had a birthday in Ireland

Yesterday was bittersweet! I felt very loved and spoiled but it was the last full day before leaving Jackie's at silly o'clock to start the 12 hour hourney home!
We had pancakes for breakfast and a lovely meal out for lunch followed by cake in the afternoon (only the cake got photographed - the rest vanished too quickly!)

I got cards, flowers and chocolates from the family there, and Jackie and I got to sew in the afternoon!
I take my La Pass EPP as a travel project, but there are lots of different templates and cut fabric to bring along and they get muddled in my Sew Together pouch.
So (and we are very pleased with ourselves) we designed and made these 4 zip pouch to store the different pieces
It fits in the Sew Together and keeps everything together but separated!!!
We made some little buckets

And some felted buttoned pouches (felt from FOQ and buttons from Poland)

What else did we do? We went for a walk to St Mullins (beautiful - we walk there every visit unless it's chucking it down) and introduced Brian to its charms and visited the Blessed Well
We had a visit from, and cuddles with this honarary grandson
And his baby brother

And my loom knitting is growing significantly

We are now on the ferry on the way home: as always the Irish hospitality has been awesome, Brian now has faces to all the names I blather on about, Jackie has a cupboard ("press") with shelves, a working vacuum system (although the wood burning stove needs a bit of reassembly - sorry!), assorted cables have been tidied, and Brian and Dan have a new friend! And the best news of all - it looks as if Jackie is cancer free (final biopsy results this week) she's off the pain killers and the scar is healing beautifully and we've sorted my next visit: life's looking good!


  1. Awesome birthday present!
    I'm so happy for Jackie.
    I love it when you are with Jackie as the two of you are littke bag designers together!

  2. I love that four pocket pouch and think you should turn that into a pattern. And hurray for Jackie!!!

    P.S. Happy birthday x

  3. belated happy birthday and so good you could spend it with your extra special friend Jackie. Glad to see you got to be creative too lots of lovely makes and the men fixed the vacuum system how good is that. The best news is Jackie she has been through so much but come out feeling well and fingers crossed the all clear in the next few days.

  4. Sounds like you had a great birthday and the icing on that cake was Jackie's good news!

  5. Happy belated birthday, Benta - did you ... did you happen to save us any cake? Ummmmmm I'm asking for a friend - yeah - that's it - a friend! Who likes cake!

    Congratulations to Jackie - that's wonderful news - and fabulous that you get to plan another visit - I'm happy for you guys!

    The 4 zip pouch looks intriguing - I hope you'll post more information and pictures when time permits - someone who might possibly be addicted to zippers ... might be very interested in learning more about it! ;)

  6. Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It sounds like you had a great day and I wish you a very happy year to come xxx


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