Sunday 4 September 2016

The one where I made some stuff

I'm starting a new job tomorrow and decided I needed a new pencil case, so I made myself this


I also designed and test stitched a logo for a customer's towels,


And I worked on some HSTs sewn by the ladies in my church house group. One of them is about to adopt three young siblings so I thought they should have a quilt each - this one just needs the binding finishing, two more to go!


And quilted!!!!! Get me!


Now time for an early night ready for work tomorrow!!!



  1. I hope you manage to sleep tonight (new job tomorrow). I love your HST quilt. Always designing in my head - thank god the day job keeps me from making 99% of things - like quilts - which are notorious time sucker-uppers.

  2. I love your pencil case and your quilt look great. Good luck tomorrow :)

  3. Love the HST ... bless you for thinking of those kids and sending a bit of love their way. . Makes me just want to take all my stash and cut it up into squares. Feeling a bit of STASH OVERLOAD here. What size are the squares ? Best wishes on your new job with your sweet little pencil case. That is sure to add some happy to each day. Janita

  4. Best wishes for your new job!

    Nice to have some stitching with you at work .... great pouch! Love the quilts too.

    Barbara x

  5. Ugh! I can't believe that I failed to wish you 'good luck' for your new job before you actually started it! I was thinking about you this morning, but got distracted by my two starting / returning to school!
    Hope that day one is as fabulous as your pencil case and quilt and that it keeps on being fabulous! xx

  6. Good luck on your new job! And you were one busy lady yesterday! You go girl!!!


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