Saturday 24 September 2016

The one where we decided 3/4inch strips are too small!

I'm in Ireland, with Jackie, and having been given this pattern at Hever castle we decided to have a go
Cute eh?

3/4" strips, stitched together, cut with a 60 degree ruler, then sides added, then a bottom added ...

Just a bit fiddly!

However it's raining outside, and the husbands are bonding over a broken central vacuum system

So we shall preserve!!!


  1. wow they are tiny strips, think I would have to make mine bigger, good to see the men are working hard, not sure what a central vacuum system is but if it makes for easier cleaning it gets my vote

  2. A bit fiddly indeed - I don't think I could even CUT 3/4" strips accurately, let alone stitch them, lol! We have carpets through-out the house so we have a central vac too - hubby spends a fair amount of time fixing the power head on the vacuum itself, but that's only fair, since it's me that actually uses the vacuum ;) And I'd rather be sewing, LOL!

  3. I think with them that small I'd join the chaps.


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