Sunday 23 October 2016

The one where I started a Birthday Bag

I think I posted a pic of some fabrics I got for my birthday - some fun rainbows in dots and solids and a pack in greys, teales and beige:

These fabrics called to be a bag for me - becuase I really need an new bag, and I have nothing else I should be sewing at the moment (as if)
So I made the outer with two zips on one side, plain yummy fabric on the other

And the inside has one zip pocket

and three slip pockets

I'm not sure about the remaining FQ for the strap, so the bag will have to wait for a while until I can get it finished but it is making me very happy just to look at it!
And I did get some things ticked off my to-do list - today nephew asked for his company logo to be embroidered . . . on a baby's vest!

And two ladies at church got confirmed last week so I made them both a cover for their bible - with our church on the front

The to-do list had got to 14 items, and I'm down to 6, so at least that's better than 50% done! The worry is how much will be added on before I get to take some off next weekend!


  1. Happy belated birthday,hope it has been a great day!!

    Your bag is stunning as well the birthday fabrics.

  2. impressed with your bag and the zip pockets. What a lovely gift for the ladies who were confirmd, I am sure they will treasure the bible and cover. Only 6 things on the to do list well done dread to check mine out though I did delete lots of things from the computer the other day that I know I will never get round to doing.

  3. What a great bag I love the fabrics. Great to get through a to do list!

  4. Lovely fabrics and good choice of use. My todo list has actually turned into a todo notebook. Don't ask.

  5. "The worry is how much will be added on before I get to take some off" ... applies to your To Do list ... and my hops on the scales - scarey stuff, LOL! The batik bag is great - it'll be awesome when it's finished. You did a nice job on the other projects too, and getting down from 14 to 6 on the To Do list is a huge deal - you should go buy some fabric to celebrate, LOL!


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