Sunday 8 January 2017

2017 Wk 1 - More Kantha & Machine Embroidery

At Friday's class on Kantha I stitched a section of fabric too.  I did the centre circle at the class, and did the other circles as we watched 6 (yes! SIX!) episodes on Game of Thrones series 5 on TV last night

 And today I have made both samples pieces into zippy poches

While I was stitching them I had the embroidery machine going too.  Girlfriends and I have a weekend away every autumn: (and occasionally in the spring too) and I have been making patches to go on backpacks for all the girls.  By the look of the sample sheet I've been doing this for many years!!!

So here are the ones for the most recent trip.  We went to Krakow and did go to Auschwitz but I know some of the girls would not want to be reminded of that, so I used the fact that we had also seen the annual Dachshund Parade while we were there.   These were fun to design:  I really like the stand alone version (top) but it will be difficult to sew onto the bags without the stitches being very obvious, so I have changed it to patches


  1. Your pouches are gorgeous, especially the circles one!
    Nice badges!
    Barbara x

  2. kantha stitching looks great another technique I need to have a go at, loving the dachshunds so cute which for someone who does not like dogs is a compliment! silly but have got more frightened of dogs the older I get

  3. Cute pouches, really 6??!! What a great way of remembering your trips too.

  4. Great Kantha Benta, and what lovely souvenirs of all of your trips.


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