Saturday 21 January 2017

2017 Wk 3 - mostly pyrography

As well as my 'day job' I am also Clerk to the Parish Council and this week that has taken up much of my spare time, so no proper sewing this week.
I played with the pyrography kit- I've bought letters in addition to the shapes: they have a great result

I tried the rings on the bunting as the flags tend to twist a bit otherwise

I'm not sure I like the beads with the flags, but with just the rings the flags bunch up together. I'll work on it!
I did do some fabric related work . . . Some fun keyrings to identify stuff around the house

And I received a fab pair of fingerless gloves - thanks Jackie xxx


  1. Love those key-rings Benta. I need some with more explosive expletives on them to attach to items in the news this weekend!

  2. LOL @ explosive expletives ^^ -- I'm familiar with those, hehe. I like the rings on the buntings, but I can see where they would go a bit askew - but then - that's pretty much how life goes, so I wouldn't even worry about it!

  3. can understand those key rings could think of a few more too. Gloves will be so cosy, I have been known to have little fingerless gloves on in the house, very handy for reading in bed. Flags looking good too

  4. Pyrography is new to me, it looks like another fun craft :-)

  5. Ha! After plenty of scrappy tags and cellotape reminders on keys I've just bought a load of key tags. I wish I'd thought of your more fun idea with the machine. That's now back from hospital and doing well by the way. :-)

  6. A friend gave me hand knitted fingerless gloves. I hadn't thought of reading in bed with them.

  7. Nice wooden bunting and the gloves from Jackie are gorgeous :)


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