Saturday 7 January 2017

2017 Wk 1 - mostly Kantha

Christmas new year seem to be months ago rather than one week ago!  Yesterday was the first 2017 Fun With Fabric session at Chertsey Museum.  We looked at Kantha stitching, and had a play!

This was my sample

And these were the other examples I gave the ladies

Didn't take them long to get the idea!!!!  I'm really looking forward to seeing these next month!

And Ann brought back her felt Christmas decorations from last month - how cute are these?


  1. kantha stitching looks good, what a great group of ladies you have to share your talents with. Gingerbread figures look good now they ned some little children too then maybe a gingerbread house to live in no pressure on Ann

  2. I have never tried Kantha stitching I bet your class was great fun!

  3. The kantha stitching is lovely. You are a very talented bunch :-)

  4. That Kantha stitching is quite lovely - can't you just see the ladies in the villages, getting together to stitch and chit chat ... while the kids run around making lots of noise :) Cute gingies, too!

  5. Your Kantha stitching is so pretty, and so effective.
    Love the "gingerbread" decorations too!
    Barbara x


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