Tuesday 6 August 2019

2019 Wk 31 Festival of Quilts Day 2

After a reasonable night's sleep and a lot of talking Jackie and I headed back to Festival of Quilts.

I fell in love with another quilt - Jo Avery's Vintage Home - and was delighted to catch up with Jo at Aneela's book signing stall (eavesdropping on their chat and now name dropping!!!)

A bit more shopping found its way into my bag (thank you for the T-shirt Jackie)

And then Jackie and I ended the day by attending a class teaching EPP without the paper!!! This method is really good for the design where the hexies dont join

I love to learn new methods!

The tutor does her zips differently too - she joins the outer and lining fabrics first, presses them open, and then add the zip to the lining side

I got home in the evening to find that husband has been creative too - these blocks were duckboarding sold by Ikea for decking, but used by us in the bathroom until earlier this year.  

They are now going to be attached to the garden table to replace (hide) the horrible wood that is there


  1. Great that Brian was being creative while we were looking at other people’s creations!

  2. Your classes sound interesting and like the way you're re-using your wood for your garden table. We are currently painting our old floor boards (which have been paths in the veg garden) with cuprinol to turn them into edging for the borders. I love a good upcycle!

  3. Thanks for sharing my quilt Benta! It was so nice to bump into you at the show - short but sweet! Jo x

  4. I can’t figure out the zip thing. How can that look good. I’ve done it sandwiched in the front and lining but not on. You will have to demonstrate. The table top should be great when finished.


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