Monday 26 August 2019

2019 Wk 32 - fun and finishes

I've been working on a random selection of stuff this week, as well as teaching 5 children's classes (separate blog post coming up)

Mt temperature embroidery is now over 2 metres long, and has already outgrown its wooden bobbin so I'm going to have to rethink its "home"!

I can only show it in a loose coil, so here are 5 lengths

and here are the alternate lengths

For quite a while now I've only been using the "hot" colours - lovely!!!!

I have finished the binding on this brick wall I-spy quilt,

And on this Mickey Mouse one.  names can be added as appropriate

Thanks to Sharon who gifted me some rainbow cork I made a cork travel bag - room for change in the front pocket, passport, glasses and phone in the main pocket, and boarding pass in the real vinyl pocket, plus a front zipped pocket under the flap, and a rear zipped.  I didn't line it, and I constructed it wrong sides together - just zigzagging over the sides and the edge of the flap with a rainbow variegated thread,  I'm in love!

We made a crazy patch at the last Richmond and Kew Quilters meeting, with the idea we would decorate it at September's meeting.  I'm going to be away for Septembers, and Avril was away for the last weeting so I handed my block over to her.  In fact she might have to miss September's meeting too so she's already started decorating her / my / our  patch: looking good Avril!

And Lizzy has been helping me make some coffee wraps: We've been having fun ready for the Church summer fair next Saturday


  1. Haha Benta! Those coffee wraps are great they will sell like the proverbial hotcakes :) I love your embroidery roll too how long will it eventually be?

  2. Love that temperature project SO MUCH! Of course, your other projects are good too, especially that lovely cork travel pouch! Hope that your busy August has gone well, and will look forward to catching up with you in October if not before! xx

  3. I love the cork bag. Well done on keeping up your temperature ‘blanket’. Great coffee wraps and the crazy patchwork looks great

  4. I love the cork bag! Was the cork easy to work on?
    The coffee wraps look super, as does your temperature wrap, wow!
    You are keeping busy!
    Barbara xx

  5. The temperature embroidery is amazing. What a lovely record or a year.

  6. Your temperature embroidery is beautiful. I think it's too nice to roll up :)


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