Friday 9 August 2019

2019 Wk 32 - mostly Kantha stitching

I have been finishing some projects ready for the village fair at the end of the month but have also been happily losing myself is stitching smaller portable projects just for fun.  The EPP sewing machine has started to be quilted with kantha stitches.  Defined as ".Kantha stitching is ...used to make simple quilts, commonly known as Nakshi Kantha. Women in Bengal typically use old saris and cloth and layer them with kantha stitching to make a light blanket, throw, or bedspread, especially for children." I think of it as stitches you don't need to think about: long or short, a bit wobbly, not quite parallel, not evenly separated. . .  who cares!

I am using the same dark colours for the stitches as are in the blocks, so it is fairly subtle

but you can see how far I've got looking at the back.

I also have worked on this piece: the Chertsey Museum ladies were making hanging pods this month, and I got the urge to Kantha mine to the nth degree!  This is the back

This is the front (we are calling the yellow a design feature not a I-didn't-have-enough-black-fabric-error!)

And this is the finished pod. 
Love LOVE LOVE it!!!

The ladies didn't get theirs finished so I am looking forward to seeing them at Show & Tell next month

I have finished the EPP-without-the-paper hexies, and have quilted the front much more than I would have done had it been any bigger!  I'm planning on  a few bigger EPPWP hexies for the other side so I guess I'll have to quilt that too then I can put it all together

I did make and finish this one though.  It's a lovely laminated fabric I got from Sewing Sanctuary at FOQ - she has designed the fabric, and had it laminated: it's lovely and soft.


  1. Love the Kantha stitching! I keep thinking I’ll make something with Kantha stitches, but I haven’t yet! Oh, and the black and yellow pod is gorgeous!
    I like the hexies, clever idea! Nice fabric for the pouch!
    Barbara xx

  2. I like your sewing machine kantha. I think I am changing my mind on another project to include more kantha/sashiko stitching.

  3. Kantha is a fancy name for running stitch to me. Effective though and very meditative.

  4. I love your kantha stitching. Your pod is a gorgeous finish :)

  5. Kantha'ing to the nth degree, there's a combination of phrases you don't come across very often Benta! I really like what you are doing with the sewing machine and look forward to watching your progress. Love the pod too!

  6. Lovely work!
    I particularly love the black and yellow pod - very striking - and the laminated pouch, but it's all lovely! You have clearly been very busy! xx


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