Monday 5 August 2019

2019 Wk 31 - Festival of Quilts Day 1

Woohoo - a weekend with Jackie, and with a zillion other (mostly) ladies in Birmingham.

Some stunning quilts were on show: This amazing piece was made but a lovely friend of Jackie's called Valerie

And a close up

And these next two are by the very talented Avril: a friend who also attends Richmond & Key Quilters

This circle was made from gathered fabric - gathered as if for smocking - I was desperate to touch it: a lovely piece of wall art, although the pleats must collect so much dust!!

These are dorset buttons: tiny ones about thumbnail size, mounted in plastic rings

After 14000+ steps, we went to the town to find out hotel,

and show our purchases


  1. Sounds exhausting but lots of fun! Love the quilt photos you've chosen to share! xxx

  2. It was a fun couple of days!

  3. some beauties shared here thought I had seen all the quilts but now know I did not

  4. Lucky you two! I’ve yet to make it there even though I’ve had a quilt win a HC a few years ago. Must plan with Elsa one day.


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