Monday, 11 January 2021

2021 Week 1

 Hello, Happy New Year!

Days off work meant sewing - yippee!!!  The EPP triangles got quilted

And the bound

Some grey fabrics I got for Christmas were cut into 1.5" strips ready for a log cabin

I started an embroidery map of the village (just a few million more colonial stitches to go!!!)

A bit of progress on the cross stitch


And the beginnings of a new group of Gingers!  These are all doing much better on their New Year's resolution to exercise than I am!  (some of these are from and some are my costume / activity designs

 Keep safe xxx


  1. What a varied collection of projects! Progress looks great on all of them! xxx

  2. I love the triangles and the cross stitch. Lots of variety!


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