Saturday 30 January 2021

2021 Week 4

 No end in sight to Lockdown 3, no travel plans, no day trips, no meeting family - all a bit dull!

So I might have bought myself some wool!!!!

But no chance to start it yet - a local charity have ordered a gazillion of these... ideally by Thursday so Lizzie and I are going to be BUSY!!!

I managed to get this quilt embroidered and then delivered while I was out walking  a few days ago

And I made these cheerleaders for the Keep Moving campaign

We had snow!  Most people headed for the shed to get wellies and sledges . . .  me?  I headed for Lizzie LOL

One of my lovely warm Norwegian jumpers had a hole in it so I did a bit of darning, visible from the inside

but not from the outside!

Lizzie has finished quilting this for me.  We installed her FMQ table and it worked really well supporting the weight of the quilt.

Back to Lizzie and the gingers (they are finger puppets - a cute idea) and I'll see you on the other side!


  1. You and Lizzie are doing wonderful work. I love your Norweigen jumper and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that wool. Keep safe :)

  2. Well done Lizzie on the fabulous quilting and Benta for guiding her. Great work being done

  3. Lizzie is certainly earning her keep! I was looking at Nordic knits the other day. As well as being 49% Welsh, which was a lot more than expected, I have a chunk of Swedish in me too and winter is a good time to look these things up! That DNA thing has a lot more questions than answers!

  4. That pack of wool looks fun - enough to bring a smile to anyone's face!
    Amazingly neat darning / repairing to your jumper too - what a star you are. And all on top of your quilting and 'ginger' sewing too, wow! Keep up the good work, you and 'lizzie'! xxx

  5. Those wools would certainly brighten up the grey and miserable days here Benta, I look forward to seeing what you do with them. Impressive darning skills too :)


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