Saturday 23 January 2021

2021 Week 3

 I hope you aren't fed up with Gingers!!!!

Some more for the village incentive to Keep 20121 Moving


(including a new version of mum and baby ...without the mankini look!!!)



I got a lovely thank you card from Kathy's grandson - and a pic on him on his quilt

This Ginger is ready for when the activity campaign in finished so they come out of the window

And I'm ready for Valentine's Day too

There is a village group that set up a few years ago mostly to promote good Mental Health and to help people who were suffering - they have become busier during the last 10 months or so!  They asked for nomination for "unsung heroes" and the distributed these - what a lovely idea, and I'm go glad the Gingers were nominated!

Two I Spy quilts now finished for customers: just need to add a name on the top version: baby arrived yesterday so I can get that finished and delivered next week

And finally my current Slow Stitch project.  There are some elements I want to re do, and there are a few more hundred colonial knots and another lake (filled gravel pit) to add to the map but I'm enjoying the journey (excuse the pun)

I think the stitched version needs to be twisted clockwise slightly but it's not far off!


  1. You are, as ever, so busy! Really love your map - I have a big fondness for fabric maps, in fact I can't think why I haven't made more! Yours is very inspiring! xx

  2. Well done for being an unsung hero. You already were in my eyes 😊


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