Saturday 23 January 2021

2021 Week 2

More Gingers - this is a mum with a baby in a sling - I thought I'd mention it because when I design I am sometimes moving individual stitches so I get very engrossed in the design, then I stitch it out and THEN I realise the sling looks like big green school knickers (or worse - a mankini?!)  And to make it worse if the green is a pair of big knickers, the babies feet are . . .  no lets not even go there!  I will be stitching another version which hopefully address these issues!!!

This one went better - a "recycles youth" in the village whose family tell him he should wear a mark even when he's out walking

And here are some more for the Keeping Moving campaign

Me? Not so much of the moving although I have been to the village on my bike a couple of times this week.  An I-Spy quilt for a baby girl

And a pile of log cabins started for a new quilt.  They need a few more founds but I'm running low on the coloured fabrics

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  1. I’ve no idea what a recycles youth is but anything to get him to wear a mask! My golf buddy and I are doing well in chasing each other up each day to make sure we’re moving and creating still.


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