Wednesday 22 September 2010


I've finally got my mum reading my blog!!! Well done mum, very brave! You might progress to adding comments one day, but I can show you how next time I'm in Portsmouth :-)

If you want to look at some other ideas, click on any of the blogs shown on the left of this post - your computer will take you to a blog that I enjoy!!!

I made a fabric postcard to send to Lisa at Uni - it's the first one I've actually posted so I thought I'd send one to mum too to check it arrived. then I got carried away and found some more sky fabric and made another six - I hope someone on the Post Card swap group chooses a suitable theme so I can send these out!!!

I got a text from Mum this morning - hers had arrived, so fingers crossed the Uni postal system works too!!!

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  1. Congrats on getting your mom to read your blog! I have yet to convince my mom to read mine. I'm shown it to her numerous time....oh well, lol.
    Anyways, I couldn't find an email address listed for you, so I decided to blog-stalk you >:)
    Thanks for the kind words. I was told by this woman's husband that she's saying those nasty things out of jealousy, but it's still hurts none-the-less.
    It's great knowing that she's a loner on how she feels about my blog =D
    So thanks again, for reminding me not to bother with negativity!


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