Sunday 5 September 2010

Lola Rose & Emily

My Great (and terrific) Niece, Emily (age 10) came to stay last night, and wanted to do some sewing. She decided a doll was a good starting place, so we could then go on to make clothes for her (for the doll, she reminds me, not for Emily!!!)

We started with a doll shape which she pinned and I stitched, and then we had the fun of turning it inside out!!! It was AWFUL! says Emily

We stuffed her, and Emily tore strips of yellow fabric to make the hair, which was stitched into the top of the head as we closed the final gap.

Emily says "I drew Lola Rose's belly button and facial features with permanent markers."

Then we started on the clothes. We made a summer dress, and it has straps and a sash and a matching scarf.

And then she platted Lola Rose's hair.


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