Tuesday 14 September 2010

Lisa made a quilt

Lisa wants to take my old sewing machine to Uni with her - she is desperately worried about being bored so wants something to keep her busy. I showed some picture quilts a while ago that I have made and will post to her over the next few months for ideas, but as a friend of hers has just become a father, she wanted to make a quilt.

She was worried that doing it all herself would be too much, and that she would give up, so we found some skinny insert blocks that I had been playing with and she joined them together, first in three strips, then, (using the Slik and Quick method)she attached that to a fleece blanket We then created some 'piano key' strips from fabrics used in the skinny inserts and used that as a border, and finished with a plain pink border and the baby's name embroidered. She's gone off to present it to the family tonight - I hope they like it :-)

**Update** the baby's parents liked it, but Grandma *really* liked it - I think she had far more appreciation of the work that went into it. As for baby - she just slept, but Lisa did get a cuddle :-)


  1. Very Creative.....Its really Great....the color tone and the Matching is perfect in every way.........


  2. Well done Lisa and Benta - I'm sure that it will be well received as it looks so lovely!
    Plum xx

  3. Bravo Bravo Bravissimo

    Well done that Girl
    - or should I say Novice Quilter ?

    Hugz Helen from Hobart

  4. Thank you, Embroidery from oregonpatchworks and Helen from Hobart, and of course Plum, for your lovely comments, Lisa was really chuffed that anyone had bothered to look at her first quilt! I couldn't reply to Helen or Oregon direct, but really appreciate that you all took the time to click on [comment] :-)



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