Saturday 11 September 2010

Manic life

I am exhausted! I only work part time at school, usually one-and-a-half days a week, but until the new breakfast club and after school club provider is registered I'm running that - so I've done 22.5 hours childcare, plus 10 hours shopping and sorting for the club, plus three hours in the office, plus ten hours backwards and forwards to the Eco area as I've had twenty volunteers in school working there and they needed looking after!!!

Added to that, Niki has just started a job, and is attending training for the new bowling alley that opens next week in Slough, and was enrolled at TWO colleges and didn't know where to do her A'levels, . . .

And Lisa is off to University next weekend and we've done a mega shop of cooking stuff, stationery, bathroom stuff, cleaning stuff, bedding etc.

So you may have guessed that cooking and general need-to-do things, and sadly sewing, have not happened :-(

On the positive side, all the work on Uncle Geoff's estate is starting to show results, and cheques are now coming in, and the offer on the flat is back at what I'd hoped for.

Most excitingly, Stig is on holiday with Dad at the moment, in Florida, and has had no idea that he and I were even mentioned in the will. I posted a cheque to him, care of Dad, and he opened it on Skype yesterday with all of us watching - he was almost speechless . . . And then he realised it was in GB£, and he converted it to Aus dollars which almost doubled the value - and was speechless!!

We miss you Uncle Geoff, but thank you.

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