Tuesday 28 September 2010

A finished Quilt

Just a quick post: after 4 hours work at school (staring at 7:15am) I dashed home to finish this quilt, to be back at school for 1:30 for another 4.5 hours work!!!

Anyway, "Myles David" has been finished in time to be collected tonight - and be paid tomorrow hopefully :-)


  1. At last I have found your blog ... your pic on mine had no link other than friends connect ... so I was unable to connect with you. Pic is very nice, but others will also have trouble unless you also add a link. See posting on my site about this! Lovely blog.

  2. Hello Bente, I like the quilt. Love mum

  3. When do you eat, when do you stop Benta. You have so much energy. Bravo.


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