Sunday 24 October 2010

Blocks for Another Christmas Quilt

How's this for multi-crafting - under the guise of testing my stroppy big embroidery machine ... I have created an embroidery design that makes quick scrappy applique Christmas tree blocks

And they are really quick as , with careful fabric placement, I don't need to do any trimming until I have finished the tree
(I know it looks messy, but wait for the next photo...)

- so with two hoops I can be stitching one and trimming another, or I might gather a whole load and trim them in front of the TV.

I love the style of the trees, and it is using up all the leftovers from the fabrics that were swapped for BQL badges but not needed for the Christmas Candle blocks

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  1. I absolutely Love the Christmas trees!!! They are fabulous. You might get a request for a table runner or something like that when you come back - xxx


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