Friday 8 October 2010

Denim Weave

I have seen a fair number of examples of denim weaving in blogland: Spirit cloth and Beates fabric Art amongst others, and wanted to have a go.

At the same time I was wondering what to offer my class at the library for the 3rd lesson, as I wanted to have at least a work-in-progress to take next week.

Then Niki gave me a pair of past-it jeans for my collection and I knew what I wanted to do. My library class is restricted in that I cant ask the students to take their sewing machines, but I really wanted to teach them simple patchwork ... so we are going to weave a patchwork instead!!!

My plan is that those who cant machine stitch theirs at home can use buttons to hold the strips (the weft and the warp?) together. Once the outer lines are firmly joined (by hand, machine or buttons) other squares can be joined ("quilted") randomly just to keep it in shape. Too many holes for a baby's quilt, but fun for a teenager I think!

I'm leaning towards red buttons for mine - I LOVE denim and red together. One of my girls had a denim dress with red hearts when they were little, and it seems the perfect combination.

(I used it before on Jess's 18th birthday quilt)

The downside of this idea is the the dust created by ripping the jeans into appx 2 inch strips - probably should have done this in the garden in the summer!

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  1. What a great idea ... after all these boys I sure have loads of old jeans around ... in fact made a bed quilt of their pockets last Christmas ... time consuming but really worth while.


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