Saturday 23 October 2010

Life on Fast Forward!!!

Somehow my life seems to be whizzing away, and I'm not getting stuff done! The last 10 days have seen me actually drop 10 hours work, but as those hours were 7:15am to 9:15am I'm not managing to be productive in the extra hours - just asleep ... which is lovely, but gets nothing achieved!

About all I have finished is two postcards for the nephew and niece in Australia. These went in the post on Thursday, and I think I'm safe in posting the finished cards as (as far as I know) their dad (my brother) doesn't read this blog

And without doing any work, I have sold an embroidery design on ETSY, so another $1:50 into the pension fund :-)

However my list of excuses is longer than my list of achievements!

  • R's quilt has been put to one side as yet again his life has been messed around - his Dad's borough cant find a school for him, so dad is moving back here to keep R in the current school, but the foster family cant keep him, so he's boarding at school weekdays and at Dad's weekends for now
  • The big embroidery machine packed up during an order of fleeces, so I'm behind with those (although husband has got it working again, so I am trying it on my stuff rather than customer's stuff)
  • I am hand sewing 1.5 inch squares of dark blue for sky on the Christmas tree quilt, but that is a long job and not very exciting to post
  • Sophie's seat covers have had to wait and she's on holiday - and I'm such a duh that I don't remember whether I used black or grey thread, so I need to check with her ... Double Duh - if I bothered to look at my own blog I would see the photo that I posted, and would know that I used black!
  • The customer that wanted an I Spy quilt hasn't come back to me with sized or info, so that will have to wait

Luckily my November list isn't too long, so I can finish October's and get on with Christmas!

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  1. You know who! How on earth do you get the time, and at that time of the morning! Thank you my lovely daughter


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