Sunday 14 October 2012

Bowled Over 2

Lots of people were very nice about my bag tutorial, and about my bowls, so I'll be making some more in the future and have the memory of a goldfish, here goes another attempt at instructions:

First a bit of maths (dont panic, I've done it for you!)

5.5" bowl needs a base circle (D) of 6", and a side (C) finishing at 17.25" round (cut to 17.75")
6.5" bowl needs a base circle (D) of 7", and a side (C) finishing at 20.50" round (cut to 21.00")
7.5" bowl needs a base circle (D) of 8", and a side (C) finishing at 23.50" round (cut to 24.00")
8.5" bowl needs a base circle (D) of 9", and a side (C) finishing at 28.25" round (cut to 28.75")

(To calculare other sizes: C=π D.  This means Circumference = 22/7 x Diameter, [plus 0.5" for both measurements] - or add a comment and I'll work it out for you, LOL)

So I started with legs from a pair of jeans  I cut the hem off, leaving a C value of 20 inches, so I needed a 7inch circle for the base (*).  Alternatively I could cut a strip 7" x 20.50 and make it into a tube the same size as the jeans leg.  If so I would leave a 4" gap mid seam to make life easier later on

Once I'd cut these out I folded both the leg and the circle in half and marked the folds with pins, and then in half again matching the pins, so I could mark the 1/4s.

I then pinned the base to the sides matching first the pins and   then between them, and then stitched.

I did the same again with the other leg.  This could be a contrasting fabric instead.  the denim is quite firm -  if I were using two patchwork fabrics I would have added stabiliser

One needs to be turned right way, the other stays inside out

Put the right way one inside the other (right sides together), and pin them together,  I put a length on jumbo rikrak around between the two pieces.

The untidy ends of the rikrak need to stay visable at this point, so they will be hidden later.  Stitch all the way around the top.  (for this denim bowl I needed to leave a turning hole here at the top as I didn't want to open a leg seam)

Turn the whole lot through the hole that was left either in the side seam or the top, then I pinned and top stitched in order to close the hole.  If you left a side hole, this can be slip stitched close now.

Ta Da!!!!!! 

If I had used contrasting fabrics the bowl would be reversible, but on this version there isn't any point in reversing it as both look the same!!!!

(* To make yourself a template for the base:  get a piece of paper bigger than the diameter required.  Mark an X in the centre.  Position a ruler so the half way measurement is on the cross (ie for a 7" circle, put 3.5" ruler mark on the X) and mark the 0 and the 7" positions on your paper.  Move the ruler a bit clockwise and repeat.  Carry on like this until you have enough marks that you are happy to join them into a circle.  So long as you have marked both measurements, and always lined up the middle measurement with the X you will be creating a dot-to-dot circle)


  1. I too, have the memory of a goldfish.

  2. Thank u sooo much for doing the maths for us, my brain hurts when i try to do maths and a goldfish probably has a better memory than me!!

  3. These look fun - thanks for the tute! x

  4. Very cool! Love the denim! Thanks for the great tutorial, Benta.

  5. What a great tutorial. I may have a go myself.

  6. I am totally impressed with the maths! (oh ... and the bowls are pretty good too).


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