Sunday 28 October 2012

Perfect Post 4 & 5

Yes, today I actually have TWO packages to show you, one more liberated star from my lovely friends at the Star of Africa Bee, and a goodie bag of I-Spy quilts from the just as lovely Avril at Stitchin Science

The Bee Star star block has a flag in the middle - do you recognise it?  (I didn't!)  It is the Latvian Flag, and the block comes from Fiona who sent it from Riga in Latvia,

Fiona also snuck in a fridge magnet and a bar of chocolate - I even managed to photograph it before it, um, evaporated.  Thank you Fiona, all very much appreciated :-)

And these I-Spy goodies will be put to very good use, thank you Avril


  1. Lucky you - no one ever sends me chocolates (and if they did Mr Whizz Kid would be sure to eat it first). x


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