Saturday 20 October 2012

Perfect Post 2

And today postie brought me *another* super squishie -  this African Bee is such fun!!!

This block was from Patti who blogs at Retired to Quilt (doesn't that blog name alone make you jealous!)

Patti sent me a fab star block staring Anne of Green Gables

And she added some goodies too, including scrummy honey, and a beautiful card, thank you thank you thank you Patti x x x

This month we are all making blocks for Nicky.  She has asked for  blocks inspired by literature from our neighbourhood.  Does anyone know of any literature based around the Thames, or Windsor, Slough, or Staines?  I've got as far as John Betjamin's poem about bombs falling on Slough or Ali G from Staines - there *must* be something better!


  1. Literature not my strong point so cant help but again lovely squishy!!

  2. Hi Benta, that sounds quite a challenge! You got a lovely packet! x Teje

  3. Wow......I glanced at the block and thought "Anne of Green Gables" before I read your post. Very nice.

  4. So happy that it arrived safely! I was a bit worried that you might have honey all over Anne!

  5. You're doing very nicely out of that bee. Um, how about Tom Brown's School Days, wasn't that at one of the big public schools down your way?


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