Saturday 13 October 2012

Envy Post

I was very excited to see postie walking along my road today, as I thought, (hoped) I knew what she might have for me.

You might remember I joined a Japanese Charm Swap back in August.

The idea of Japanese charms is not that they have Japanese theme, but rather that they are made in Japan, and the Japanese fabrics generally have a similarity that the prints are all small scale.  So even with just a 5" square (a 'charm' square) the pattern is repeated enough times that you get several images.

So 56 of us bought a metre each of a different Japanese fabric, cut it into 5" squares and posted them off to the lovely Sarah.  Once she had them all, she played a kind of game of patience, and created 56 stacks of all different charms, and then on Thursday posted them all out to us.

So very excitingly this little stack came through my letter box this morning

And when it gets dealt out, it looks like this (be still my beating heart)

(My stack is still pristine - Sarah stacked them perfectly and I am happy to stroke and fondle, so I stole the photo from Sarah's own blog, hope you don't mind S!!!!)


  1. lol I was just wondering how long it took you to get them in the same order! lol So glad you're happy with them.

  2. Beautiful fabrics, what will they become?

  3. Don't dribble on them too much!

  4. What a lovely squishie! Looking forward to hearing how you use them (when you can bear to unwrap them properly, of course!). x

  5. Oh they are so to my taste - I love them all. I also feel a touch of envy coming on.
    (on another topic we have a new postie and I keep getting a neighbours post - mine has gone to the house next door - a holiday home - anyone have any suggestions how to get my post before absent neighbours next visit?)

  6. What a lovely surprise. Those fabrics are glorious! : )


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