Tuesday 1 December 2015

Bags, Bleugh, and Boring

I've been making some zippy bags for friends, it was fun putting bright zips and lining with black fabric


There is some embroidery on the bags, but it didn't photograph too well - gorgeous Jewel colours though


I haven't done much else either IN the sewing room, or TO the sewing room in the last week or so as I've been feeling bleugh - cough, cold, temperature, not sleeping. . . generally yuck! And when I have felt up to doing something I've been trying to reduce this pile of shirts waiting to be embroidered

As a final pic (hopefully not too many readers get this far) this is my hair today - tomorrow there will be less of it


let's hope it's successful and I don't don't spend the next year growing it out!



  1. You do know you cut your hair shorter for summer - right? I'm sure it will look awesome. Sorry to hear you've been under the weather - it feels like 80% of our office has been out with the flu.
    A new haircut and hopefully coffee out should help get you back in the running.

  2. Sorry about the blech, but congrats on the cute zippies - they're just so much fun to make :) Good luck with the new coif tomorrow - I know it's a bit nerve-wracking!

  3. Nice looking bags! Repetative work (embroidery t-shirts), always requires a lot of self discipline on my part, hope you can find your way to achieve your completed project. Hope you get to feeling better, and will wait for pics of the new do...

  4. Less hair!!!! I dont know if I am ready :-)

  5. I've shaved my head twice - it always grows back :) Have fun with it.

    It's a shame the embroidery photos didn't turn out. Judging by the up-close one, I think it must look pretty cool. I also love the bright lining.

  6. do hope you feel better soon and back to yourself, wondering how short your hair is going remember to share a pic. Bags look good and the shirt pile is getting smaller with every one you do.

  7. I hope the cold is passing! Get it out of the way before Christmas.


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