Tuesday 22 December 2015

Done in December

How many sleeps until Christmas?  Really?  It still feels like about October: partly as the weather is so mild, but also the time is going past soooo quickly!

I have managed some sewing in the last week or so:

I did some secret selvedge sewing

from this magazine

I did some machine embroidery: A friend bought three identical stockings for her three daughters - could I stitch their names on.  Its really difficult to sew onto a completed stocking, so we discussed alternatives, and name tags seemed the best alternative:

 And I made some replacement medical bags for school.  4 years ago I made these

One for each class: to keep inhalers and EpiPens in so they can be easily grabbed when needed, and can go with the class on trips etc. One bag was falling apart, and another was now too small (so many more children with inhalers) so I made a new set using Svetlana's design

Today's project is the perfect pillowcase!  I used this 'Hotdog' method yesterday, and whilst her instructions are excellent, and I ended up (will end up) with a fab pillowcase with no raw edges,

It also doesn't have that extra bit of fabric that keeps the pillow inside the pillowcase.

Sometime over night I thought of a way to combine this design with what I want - watch this space.

I also have a Christmas sack to make for a customer - better get cracking!


  1. Lovin those secret selvedges!

  2. Looking forward to seeing where the selvages a are going.

  3. I see you're still going with lovely projects for Christmas. I'm not sure you are going to get much sleep... :)

  4. I've made a couple of medical type bags as well - I have a nephew who uses an epi-pen, and the son of a friend of a friend needed a bag to carry his epi-pen to school, so I made one and put his name on a Shrinky zipper pull - apparently he really liked it, which of course made me very happy :)

    I recently saw or read online, about a technique to hack a pillowcase to do what you've mentioned - adding that extra piece to keep the pillow inside. I hope I pinned it or saved it somehow - or else I'll just "watch this space" to see what you have to say about it :) Now go get that Christmas sack finished, and I'll get my Star Trek pouch done - and then we can both have a Merry Christmas! Maple syrup hugs sent your way - have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Good luck finishing up! And Merry Christmas Benta!

  6. lots of makes here, the medical bags such a good idea but my granddaughter`s school both primary and big school would not look after medicine said they were not allowed to give it to the children, how silly is that.

  7. I can't wait to see what the selvedges are going to become!

  8. I like the stocking tags idea, and I'm looking forward to the pillowcase tutorial - a pillowcase is not a pillowcase without that flap.

    Have a merry Christmas!

  9. Sounds like you are working right up to the wire Benta, hope you have a relaxing Christmas when that little lot is finished!

  10. I am late to this post, but it looks like you had so much to do! I hope you got it done in enough time to actually enjoy the holiday.


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