Sunday 13 December 2015

Fiddlesticks and Flipflops (or other F words)

Having completed my last assembly line of named zippy pouches, I thought of some more that I wanted to make

I embroidered them and then started the assembly, making sure I didn't cut off the end of the zip with the zip pull!  I actually congratulated myself on sewing up over 25 of these without messing up a zip . . .

When . . . guess what I noticed!

Frances and Lindsey's zips are on the lining not the outside!

and which are the first two I need to hand out? - like in about an hour?  Sigh, do you think they'll believe its a special design?


  1. Yes,sure they will be excited with them!

    Merry Christmas.

  2. sorry had to chuckle about the error, I am sure they will be happy with them though

  3. I am sure they will realise it is a very special design!

  4. I think it'd very cool to have the name on the inside and they get the lovely more of the lovely prints. Win, win :)

  5. I would love a bag with my name inside. I don't need it on the outside -- I'd feel like I was back in elementary school or camp. I think your two boo-boos are actually the best design.

  6. just call it a secret pouch Benta and they will never know the difference :)


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