Tuesday 8 December 2015

Boxes of Bags

We have a Secret Santa arrangement at the Christmas party with my husband's family:  the names are allocated when we meet up in the summer, and we exchange gifts on Boxing Day.

However I also like to get a little something for everyone.  Usually something pretty for the girls and something silly for the boys (all the girls get the same thing and all the boys get the same thing)

This year one of the girls has asked for fine liners, so I thought I would make her a pencil case as well, but that idea grew until that became the 'all the girls' gift!  Boring blue on the outside, with their name and a zip in a bright colour

 And then a funky lining in the same bright colour

 I finished them today

and they are all boxed up ready for wrapping

But I still had some more time free, and Jackie asked me to do plenty of sewing for the two of us as she's not able to sew at the moment, so Jackie - I made a whole load more!  These are grey with red zips and red lining . . .

. . . for a whole load of colleagues at school!

I think it's safe to say I'm happy doing zips now!


  1. You've got a proper production line going there!

  2. Oh mannnnnnnnnnn I saw the last bag, saw the Sa and then part of the r, but thought it was an 'n' and thought it must be for ME - now I'm bummed! ;) Great assembly-line - what a fun bunch of bags - even if they're NOT for me! ;)

  3. Thank you so much for that, it made me smile :-). My star pupil (I am taking the credit for you overcoming your fear of zips!)

  4. I think it's very safe to say you're OK with zips now :) These are great. It's very generous of you to spend so much time and money on all of the lovely gifts you make.

  5. you were afraid of zippers?

  6. you were on a conveyor belt making all these, sure to be loved by all the girls, wonder what the boys will get?

  7. Wow! What wonderful small gifts, anyone would love to receive one!

  8. SO many! Not quite as nice as my hare ones but wonderful nevertheless :)

  9. My goodness that's a big family you have and its 'just' the girls on 'just' Hubby's side!! Very nice zipped pouches they are too.


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