Monday 17 October 2011

Only start what you can finish

Victoria at Boutique Uniquely and I had a recent email discussion about the amount of projects we have on the go - in summary I have far too many and she only has a few.  I notice that Hadley at Flying Blind also has very few outstanding projects.  Victoria explained that she tries not to start anything that she won't finish in the next day or two.

Some of my unfinished objects (UFOs) can be blamed excused on not having had the space to baste them, but others I confess I started and then put to one side, Victoria's idea is a very sound one.  (I do hope I'm not the only person out there to have 20 + UFOs . . . actually, I've seen Jackie's sewing room and so I know that there is at least one person out there with FAR more than me LOL!)

Anyways, the ideal follow on to this revelation would be for me to tell you that I have now finished half a dozen projects, but sadly (but not surprisingly, I'm sure) this is not the case.


I did start AND FINISH a new project today, so that must be worth a sprinkling of applause!

We have a box at school with children's inhalers (for asthma etc) but there are too many inhalers to fit in the box and there are loads to rummage through to find the right one.  My colleague was looking to buy 5 boxes, one for each class, but I thought a draw string bag would be more space efficient, so I made ...

a bag for each class :-)

Not much time for any other sewing though.  I have 4 classes this week to prepare for, and I'm still recovering from 'the lurgy' so I'm off to have an early night.


  1. Woohoo for starts and finishes in the same day. Now, small lists you say? There's an interesting concept... Not me, but a really interesting concept :oD

  2. I guess my idea is sound. I call it just another excuse not to be productive! HA!

    I love those little bags. What a great idea. And you got to use some scraps! *Applause* *Standing Ovation*

  3. Great bags and a great and beautiful solution to the problem - well done you!
    I've just checked my WIP list - only 10 projects, so long as you don't count my Dear Jane, which I notice isn't even on my list! And only 3 projects with hard deadlines.......

  4. Yay you bag lady!
    Hmmm I only have 1 UFO the rest are being worked in deadline order and will be done within the month (or I'll be in trouble!).

  5. A loud round of applause from me,and a very big sigh followed by"I must do something about my UFO's(but what!! LOL)

  6. I have only two UFO now. Two white pillowcases that I have crochedted a trim around the edges on, which are waiting for some machine embroidery to finish them off...and my daughters birth sampler [she's 10 next month] years that is, not months!! Lol. Bleeuurggghh it's hand sewing, cross stitch...went off that years ago lol.

  7. What a brilliant, and fun, idea, And I'm sure the kids will love it! xxx

  8. Clapping here too!

    I trust to gut instinct and the panicometer is very calm at the moment. I must be somewhat in control! Makes a change.


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