Sunday 16 October 2011

What says "oom"?

(It's one of my favourite jokes)

Flushed with success of the FMQ on Richard's taggie, I decided to have another go.  I read a suggestion that a tree was a good thing to try, so I 'drew' a tree!:

It was such fun, and looks so cute with two of the owl buttons on it.  (I think this will become a postcard mug rug and will fly to Greenwich soon)

So I had another go, and added some hedgehog buttons
(This just might find it's way to Niki's room!)

Another favourite joke is a cartoon - Mummy Kangaroo is standing near her joey.  Joey is talking to a hedgehog.  Joey says "I'm sorry Spike, but mum says you cant stay for a sleepover"

And the answer to "what says "oom" - it's an owl flying backwards, up side down!


  1. Your trees are fabulous! And your jokes made me smile :)

  2. Your free motion embroidery is great!! And cute buttons too.


    Ha ha...


  3. That embroidery is stunning! Love the buttons!

  4. The trees are fab, the jokes are terrible ;o)

  5. I love these little trees with the owl buttons they look great. I have exactly the same owl buttons in my button tin. They are picky though aren't they...I think I paid 90p each for mine at a craft fair, so only brought four. You've inspired me to use them now. I must see if I have a nice tree in my embroidery files. Aren't embroidery machines wonderful...less than five minutes and you hsAve a perfect embroidered tree.


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