Monday 31 October 2011

Getting closer to target

Sorry if this is getting boring, but I need to celebrate every achievement towards my target (UFO list in the right column): In 30 days I go to Australia, and there are still a lot of quilts and bags that need to be done before I go.  Today I was frantically sewing so that I could move the Green and Pink Pinwheels, and the Cream Orphan 9 Patch Blocks into the next piles, just so I can blog about it (how sad is that?)

So Green and Pink Pinwheels has joined Swirls and Flower (to the) Power (of) 9 as just needing the binding hand stitching, but these are not needed yet, so they have gone on a top shelf in the sewing room ready for after Christmas

A job that never even made it ONTO the list has also been finished.  The Bling Inn  at the Army camp near where I teach is due to be officially opened tomorrow, and they asked me last week if I could make the opening plaque - it got finished late last night and collected today.

This is the Red and Stone Woven rail fence (nicknamed Cricket Stumps) for the living room - yes - a quilt I am actually going to keep! These blocks are each 10 inches, so it's huge, and I wasn't able to work out the placements of the blocks at my house as I have too much stuff and not enough floor, so mum helped me sort them at hers yesterday.  All pinned, but put away with the other after-Christmas quilts
There are about 20 different dark and very dark reds used, and generally each line is of the same fabric.  There is one deliberate substitute as otherwise it would have to be shorter, but if you see any mistakes please dont tell me!


  1. Woo hoo I see no mistakes - and the planes are flying!

  2. I love the red and cream. Isn't it a great motivator when you have a deadline!

  3. Wow a trip to Australia is a great motivator to get those projects ticked off, you must be steaming! Love the red and cream rail fence quilt.


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