Wednesday 19 October 2011

A bit of a shock

It has just occurred to me that in 6 weeks time I will be boarding a British Airways jumbo jet, bound for Sydney.  And not only do some Christmas presents need to be made and finished by then, by the time I come back, there will not be enough time to finish and post any others.

So I thought I ought to marshal my plans and see what needs to be done:

Before I go
Draft Excluder for office at work (shouldn't take too long)
Heather's black and white and pink quilt (cut and partially pieced)
Log Cabin Christmas tree (mostly assembled)
Girly I Spy for Jane's great niece (got the fabric)
2 x Cream orphan disappearing 9 patch for Debbie (one pieced, one started)

To take when I go
Sister In Law - make a bag (got the fabric)
Mother - make a bag (got the fabric)
BQL Secret Santa Swap - make a bag (started)
Brother - Nah only joking, nothing for him!
Niece - finish felt dolls house (started, maybe take as hand sewing?)
Nephew - quilt and bind play mat / blankie (got the fabric. maybe take as hand sewing, it's a long way!)

Hummm, that's two finishes a week - ooops!


  1. Um, good luck with that! I can always help you though if you take me with you... :oD

  2. Hi Benta! How exiting you are going to Sydney! But ooops what a programm ... good luck and I hope you have time for everything you have planned!
    xxx Teje

  3. I'm sure you'll finish in plenty of time!!

    Good luck with taking hand sewing. I wasn't even allowed needles on the aircraft to Perth. Hopefully they've seen a little sense recently. At least take spare in the hold luggage and nothing in hand luggage you won't mind being thrown away.

  4. Is this what you call a "working holiday" then!

  5. You'd best stop blogging and start stitching, then! Good luck with all the finishes!

  6. Gosh - good luck with all that work !!

  7. Quite a list you've got there! Be sensible and put my bag to the bottom of the list. No hurry, that can wait till January. Love xxx


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