Monday 3 October 2011

Some sewing . . . and a few personal tropical holidays

Really, sewing woolen squares together, and quilting warm blankets isn't the best thing for menopausal women to be doing during an Indian Summer, but there you go, these things happen!

At least I managed more sewing today that I did all weekend, so I shouldn't complain!!!

A few photos before I crawl off to bed

A better photo of the cream blocks (Debbie now has asked for a second one, but I used nearly all the cream fabric here, so I'll just have to go to the fabric shop again - sigh!)

This is one blue top from the sweetwater Pure fabrics

And this is the other

And finally, did I ever mention that mum was knitting squares in exchange for the Texture quilt?  Well I have a box of about 100 nine inch squares in assorted shades of grey, and half a dozen different knitting patterns.  I have started sewing them together tonight - initially just into groups of 4, then I'll get the girls to help me with the patchwork equivalent of speed dating, as we arrange the units to their best advantage and I try and remember what we decided on!

The plan is to get these done before the cold weather kicks in - didn't someone say snow in October???  As much as I'm loving the sunshine over the last few days, with my hot flushes personal tropical holidays, I'll be quite happy to have cooler weather for a bit!


  1. Uh, hello down there, stop boasting about your Indian summer! We'd be the ones getting snow, on Friday apparently...

    I really liked that Sweetwater fabric at the quilt fair recently, but I couldn't really think of anything to use it for, so I was good and left it. I may yet get some if I can think of a good excuse though... ;o)

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that can't wait for cooler weather because of 'personal tropical moments'. Personally I'm fed up with them!

  3. Good going - yep knitted blanket definitely still seem out of season - be OK by the end of the week!

  4. The photo of Debbie's quilt looks lovely - it's come out really well! Not the best weather for sewing knitted squares, but as of today it is definitely cooler. xxx

  5. Well the Indian summer seems to be over, wild and blustery here tonight! I enjoyed it though, tropical moments apart. Love those colours in the pure quilt. You're very productive at the moment, I seem to be doing very little actual stitching but a lot of planning!!

  6. I love your colour choices. I suddenly feel disenchanted with all those bright summer colours - probably a seasonal thing now the gales are back - and I'm very drawn to those knitted squares :)


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